The Jean Team

We meet the F&F team who are working behind the scenes to bring you high-street quality, at supermarket prices.

The Jean Team

We meet the F&F team who are working behind the scenes to bring you high-street quality, at supermarket prices.

The Guru

“We’re not scared to embrace innovation and continue to make technological advances each season - such as the 360-degree stretch skinny jean which hold it’s shape throughout the day. Denim is my calling in life – before this, I was a denim specialist lecturer and spent my childhood running around my father's denim design business."

The Product Developer

Scanning the sidewalks to hunt for the new styles is second nature for Istanbul-based, Jasmin. “I instantly look at what people are wearing – it’s why I am successful in sourcing unique samples, ahead of the trends. F&F is raising the bar each season, we are reacting to trends faster than ever but the skinny jean is still the most popular style. Look out for vintage washes and denim with badges this season.”

The Cutter

“Our secret weapon is the 3D technology that we use to fit our clothing patterns virtually, before we send to suppliers. We’re the first UK retailer to use this and the difference it’s making to the fit of the product is incredible,” says Stephanie. She creates up to 20 patterns per week, and works with the buyer and designer to ensure the cut is on-trend and the shape is perfect.

The Buyer

“Aside from looking at the trends, we also look at what our customers love. Our Contour Jeans are a best seller based on the feedback we received from our customers on social media. We act quickly when implementing trends into our range - we work with Jasmin to get the product from our trusted supplier network and ensure Jay’s design vision is interpreted brilliantly. A buyers job is to stay one step ahead of the trends, but most importantly – is understanding what the customer wants from their denim.”

The Fabric Expert

F&F denim stands the test of time, and it’s Shaun who tests our ranges before it goes into store – ensuring that the feel, quality of the yarn, level of dye are right. “You could wear our power-stretch jean everyday and the fabric wouldn’t sag, due to the exclusive patented technology that gives the stretch the recovery mechanism.”

The Artist

Print designer Amanda captures the F&F trend stories and works alongside the designer and buyer, to bring the fabric design to life. Whether it be choosing the seasons pantone colours and details such as embroidery, the design process is organic. Amanda begins by creating hand drawn images which are then enhanced using digital technology.